Lefkada Island

Vassiliki is a small village at the leeward end of the bay. There is a warming charm that originates from this ancient greek fishing harbour. Fishing boats sit in the blue water, moored up against the main cobbled street where there are tavernas, shops and wine bars.

Walking through the village streets, you’ll encounter a vibrant mix of shops, bars and restaurants. There are groceries shops full of fresh local produce, fashionable clothing boutiques and traditional greek restaurants.

The village has all you want for your stay – from general supplies to gift shops to bike and car hire.

Vassiliki’s cobbled streets, Lefkada, Greece

Vassiliki street scene

There are some great bars in the village. There is always somewhere to quench your thirst!

There’s plenty of fresh fruit and veg and when you’ve done all your healthy shopping in Vassiliki, why not stop and treat yourself to an one of Vassiliki’s world renowned ice creams!

Vassiliki, Lefkada, Greece

Amongst the bars, there are numerous gift shops where you can buy watersports gear. (also in our hotel)Others conveniences include a chemist, tourism office, postoffice, bank and medical centre.

Just outside Vassiliki along the rugged coast to the south is where you’ll find a well known picturesque beach – Agiofili – which is accessible from land and water. Car parking is restricted, so the best way to get there is either by bike, or by water taxi which run frequently from Vassiliki.

Agiofili Beach, Vassiliki, Lefkas, Greece

Kathisma Beach, Lefkas, Greece

The rest of the island has plenty to offer, from mountain villages in the centre of the island, to perfectly unspoilt sandy beaches on the west coast.

Porto Katsiki, Egremnoi and Kathisma are beaches on the western side of the island, with the most amazing azure colours. Agios Nikitas is a beautiful village on the north west coast – the only village on the west coast at sea level.

The north side of the island has Agios Ioannis beach, and running down the east side, there is Nydri, Ligia, Nikiana and close to Vassiliki isSivota – a stunning natural fishing harbour lined with yachts and fishing boats.

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