Windsurfing in Vassiliki

Vassiliki is known world-wide for it’s wind effect. Lefkas – a mountainous island, has a high western coastline. When the Ionian’s summer west/north-westerly wind blows on to the island, it rises up the western slopes. The air reaches the top and cools accelerating down into Vassiliki bay.

For the conditions in Vassiliki to be perfect cross-shore, the prevailing wind onto the island generally only needs to be light. By the time it flows into the bay, it has built to give a strong warm wind, ideal for blasting.

Mornings – the wind in the morning is ideal for beginners. The breeze is very light, and blows on-shore with flat calm water. So you can practice sailing back and forth across the wind, up-wind & down-wind, and the conditions make it easy for you to get back to the beach.

There is plenty of time before lunch and before Eric starts to blow, to take lessons and practice your light wind techniques.

Afternoons – around early lunch time, the wind veers to cross-shore, and builds to give some of the best windsurfing conditions you could possibly want.

To windward and level with nefeli, the water remains flat – ideal for blasting, and pulling off your advanced flat water manoeuvres.

Further downwind, the water gets more challenging, providing plenty of opportunity for big air and tricks.

Try out some of these – Slam Gybe, Carve Gybe, Spock, Willie-Skipper, Reverse Sail 360, Downwind 360, Bender, Frisbee, Forward Loop, Shaka, Spanky, Shove-It, Vulcan, Rail Grab and Cheese Roll.

And other windsurfing tricks – The Ponch, T-Bone, Gutter Flip, Dark Flip, Rodeo Flip, Clew Screw, Fruit Loop, Spin Loop, Back Loop, Laydown Gybe, Snap Gybe, Duck Gybe, Aerial Gybe, Free Willie, Hass Tack, Lollypop, Diablo, Spock 540, Grubby, Double Flaka, The Meev and Cana Brava.

Wind Club has an excellent array of beginner equipment, with wide, stable boards and easy to handle rigs. Intermediates are also well catered for and experts are in heaven when they visit us. We have an excellent range of up-to-the date boards and sails from renowned brands such as Starboard, Fanatic, North, F2 and Mistral.

You have the perfect opportunity make comparisons and find the right combination of board & rig for you.

Kit is racked on the beach, so this provides for a truly hassle free process of choosing your board, choosing your sail and launching. From the shoreline there is a gently sloping sand bar, so as soon as you step in, you can choose your starting depth with plenty of space around you.

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Weather Forecast

Lefkada, GR
06:2321:02 EEST
Feels like: 26°C
Wind: 0km/h NNE
Humidity: 88%
Pressure: 1010.16mbar
UV index: 0
34°C / 24°C
35°C / 25°C
36°C / 25°C
37°C / 26°C
38°C / 27°C